Protein Drinks for Seniors Reviews and Healthy Options
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Protein Drinks for Seniors Reviews and Healthy Options

Supplements and protein drinks enhance body performance. It is important to make sure when, how and why before using them. A balanced diet with daily exercise definitely helps to achieve a healthy and strong body but some times one feels to quickly boost his/her energy by a convenient method and goes for protein drinks.

Elder and senior citizens require a little more attention regarding maintaining their protein levels due to the start of aging process naturally. Modern scientific research shows that the bodies of seniors are equally capable of turning protein rich food in to muscles as similar to young ones, thus, more the proteins are consumed, the stronger the muscles become.

It is also observed that elderly people eat less protein diets for reasons like difficulty in chewing food or if they are living at places were they can not obtain a protein rich diet etc. then, protein drinks are the best solution. It is highly recommended for elder people and patients that they care about their protein levels as it has been analyzed by medical researchers that if these people break a hip bone or suffer any greater injury then they become so weak and become incapable of getting up.

Protein drinks are generally used for loosing weight or to recover muscular tissues. Proteins shall be stored as fats if not properly consumed so one should keep a track of the physical activity.

Proteins act as an essential and vital nutrient of our body and play a basic role as they make antibodies thus helping our body to fight against harmful diseases. If we are intending to use protein rich drinks to shape up or build our muscles then it should be kept in mind that these drinks by themselves would not cause a weight loss and they should not be considered as a meal replacement and a nutritionist should always be consulted so that he may guide you appropriately.

Patients or senior citizens require special protein drinks to restore protein levels in their body from nutritional aspect. Weight loss surgery patients face a lot of problems after their surgery and these liquid proteins really help them in recovering. Elder patients having the osteoarthritis and anemia may benefit by using the protein rich drinks.

Unjury and Isopure Plus are some of medically approved protein drinks for senior citizens. Unjury protein drink is favored by many people due to its great taste as it is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors. It’s overall price, value and nutritional value has been rated excellent by majority of its users. Elder people have been benefited by it as it is most suitable for post operations. This special drink mixes well in juices, milk, soups and various foods very easily. It is a whey protein isolate so there is no fear for people who have lactulose intolerance. Doctors recommend it to cancer and bariatric patients.

Isopure Plus is a fruit flavored drink comprising of protein base and works best for people of every age and shape. This drink has been made ideally for elderly people, patients receiving chemotherapy or anti-retroviral therapy. Alpine punch and Grape frost are the one of the best loved flavors of Isopure Plus.

We might be able to help our seniors in their difficult times if we start spreading the knowledge for their nutritional needs as it has been observed by various experts who conclude that nutrition is the major factor in the aging process. These protein rich supplements are free of cholesterol, sugar and are easily digested. Seniors should keep a sharp eye while selecting eatables so the chances of suffering a chronic illness become less and they lead a happy and healthy life.

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Comments (3)
Nick Lovell

Most people are short on protein in their diets at all times of their life and seniors are no exception. Protein shakes are a good easy solution.

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Robert Bowmer

My Gran used protein shakes to help he put weight on after she came out of hospital they seemed to help.